Terms & Conditions

Asha (referred to as “our company below) is the managing company for Asha and its online store “https://asha-hairsolution.com/” (also referred to as “our services” below). The following terms and conditions below has been established (also referred to as “agreement” below). Article 1: Range of application of agreement and change

1. In regards to the services provided and use of the agreement, it applies to our company and the user as defined in article 3. 2. Our company will not change the agreement without informing the user first. The agreement takes effect at the time after the agreement is altered and the user is informed of the alteration.
Article 2: Use of our services

1. In regards to use of our services by users, we shall provide services in accordance with our agreement as well as each of the separately established shipping methods, pick-up and payment methods. 2. Our company will not change the content of our services without notifying the user beforehand.
Article 3: Users

1.Users shall read use of our services and are classified as those making purchases and utilizing our services. 2. Users utilizing our services shall be regarded as consenting to our agreement.
Article 4: Membership registration

1.Users utilizing our services may apply for membership registration upon payment for products at our company, and can also utilize our services without registering as a member. 2. Our company reserves the right and judgement to deny membership if: (1) It has been confirmed that an applicant for membership has had an account that was deleted in the past due to violation of our agreement (2) If an applicant has been found to have provided false information on his/her application. (3) If an applicant’s registration is considered inadequate for approval. 3.Delivery in Japan or internationally is limited to users that have addresses which fall within the areas that our company provides delivery to. 4. If there are any changes to user’s information, such as address, name, phone number, please inform us of the change and we will send you a notification you of how your information can be changed.
Article 5: Suspension of account and deletion of member registration

Any user found to have been in violation of any of the following items below will result in the immediate suspension or deletion of the users account without notice. ・It has been confirmed that an applicant for membership has had an account that was deleted in the past due to violation of our agreement. ・Payment was late or if there was a failure to meet financial obligations. ・A user in violation of article 7 (prohibited matter) ・Any other violation of the agreement
Article 6: Cancellation of agreement

1.For users that would like to cancel their membership they can follow our company’s specified instructions on how to cancel their membership. 2. Our company may keep user’s information for a temporary period of time after the user cancels their membership.
Article 7: Prohibited matter

The following actions below are prohibited. ・Providing false information when registering an account ・Actions which obstruct management of our services or other actions which may threaten to disturb operation of our services. ・Unauthorized use or misuse of a credit card. ・Unauthorized use of an email address or password. ・Actions which cause trouble, threaten, damage, or provide any disadvantage to our company, other users, or a third party. ・Actions which offend public order and morals or violate or threaten to violate any laws and ordinances. ・Any action which our company judges as being inappropriate.
Article 8: Copyright

1.Users are prohibited from using images, design, or wording which our company uses, and are prohibited from infringing on the rights and privileges related with copyright, trademark, as well as anything related to intellectual property. Those rights belong to our company and those with a legitimate right, such as copyright holders. 2. Users are held responsible for any costs, damages, injures, harm, etc. if a problem occurs as a result of a violation of our rules/agreement or with any problems with right holders or third person parties.
Article 9: Management of Passwords and ID’s

1.Users are accountable and bear responsibility for the management of their email address as well as the password that they have set up. 2. Users are held fully responsible for the management of their own password and email address. Our company is not accountable and bears no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, damage, injury or any harm resulting from inappropriate user management of a password or email address, third party usage, a mistake in usage by the user, or any cause regardless of the presence or absence of an error by a user. 3.Users agree to contact us immediately if it is identified that a third person party has gained unauthorized usage of a user’s password or email address. 4. When users utilize our services and use a credit card (submit their credit card number), they acknowledge the risk of disclosure and agree to bear personal responsibility.
Article 10: User information (Including personal information)

1.When users utilize our services, our company acquires the following information below about users (including personal information) which is also referred to as “user information”. Our company handles all user information according to our privacy policy. 2. Users can suspend usage or update their personal info with the methods established below.
Article 11: Payment for goods

1.Users can utilize our services by buying products from our company. 2.For users that would like to purchase goods from our company they must comply with the rules and methods that our company has established when sending a request for goods. 3.When users agree to preceding clause and an email is sent to the users address, the transaction agreement between the user and our company will take effect for the goods that are being purchased. 4.Please note that our company only offers delivery to regions that are possible for overseas delivery according to standards set by EMS delivery and Japanese domestic delivery. For any places that are not listed as an option for delivery, we are not able to provide delivery to.
Article 12: Cancellation of an agreement

Cancellation of an agreement takes effect if any of the following occurs: 1.If there is a violation of this agreement by the user. 2.If we receive notification from a user’s credit card company that there is a default on the credit limit for their credit card. 3.If we have identified that a user is unlikely to fulfill the agreement and pay for the transaction, or if we have evidence that the user is in a situation where they have limited funds or limited ability to pay for goods from our company. 4. If an item is out of stock, and we are not able to easily deliver the item(s). 5. If a user’s address is unknown, or if we are unable to deliver to the user due to a long period of absence by the user.
Article 13: Management of information

Deletion of a user’s account and further legal action may occur due to any of the following: 1.The information is an evident infringement on the copyright of our company, the copyright or rights of a third-party, a defamation of the character, or damage of the reputation of our company or that of a third person party. 2.If our company receives a warning from another company concerning the information being an infringement on the copyrights, rights, defamation of character, or damage of the reputation of a third person party, 3.If we notice that there has been any violation of any laws or ordinances. 4. If we receive an order from a public institution or any legally based governmental administrative office. 5. If we feel the information is inappropriate concerning the management of our services, or any other service we provide.
Article 14: Suspension of Services

In order to provide our customers with the best service possible, our company has established the following items below which may result in total suspension of all our services without notice to the user, or immediate suspension of a certain part of the services we provide without notice to the user. 1.For regularly scheduled system maintenance, emergency system maintenance. 2.If there is difficulty operation of our system due to fire, power outage, or any third person party interference. 3.If there are other necessary or unavoidable factors which our company decides warrant a suspension of the system.
Article 15: Disclaimer for other matters

1.For matters in which our company is responsible for notifying the user, notification will be send to the email address that the user had registered, and any product(s) delivered will be delivered to the address that the user had specified when the user purchased the item(s). 2.Our company is not accountable and bears no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, damage, injury or harm for causes attributed to usage of our services. 3.Our company is not accountable and shall not be responsible for any damage, loss, injury or harm that may arise from not being able to utilize our services. 4. Our company is not accountable and shall not be responsible for any damage, loss, injury or harm that may arise regardless of the circumstances of the legal statement of claim. 5. Our company is not accountable and shall not be responsible for any damage, loss, injury or harm towards a third person party that may arise from the use of our services by a user. Users shall be personally responsible for settling any financial expenses and shall not cause any trouble towards our company. 6. When a user’s password is changed, our company will confirm the identity of a user (using a method decided by our company) and is exempt from any responsibility. 7. Users are responsible for paying any necessary fees that may arise though the use of any computer equipment, or communication equipment when using our services. Users are also personally responsible for paying any other fees such as phone fees, internet fees, or application fees that may arise.