Since Asha was founded, we have always continued to be highly selective.
It’s not just about what is in the products we use. It’s about what is not in the products that we use. Even if your salon were using products with many good ingredients, if there were some harmful ingredients for your body in the products, would you want your salon to use it? If there are harmful ingredients in the product, it doesn’t matter if there are good ingredients included. While many people recognize the importance of putting healthy food in their body, there are many people that never think about the products that they use on their body. Some of the products that people use on their body contain harmful ingredients that may have some very dangerous effects. We feel that it is very important to pay attention to what is good for you and for your hair. We always try to use products that do not contain harmful ingredients, and are always on the look-out for the best products available.
We are very selective and continuously strive to use products that are good for you, your hair, and the environment.

Greeting from the Manager


I’m proud to say that Asha Hair Salon and beauty shop is now open on Ishigaki Island at 730 Court.
For 15 years, Asha has held safety and peace of mind as a priority by using products and ingredients that are safe for the environment, and safe for your body.
We have a wide range of original products available at our beauty shop such as John Masters Organics, many of the best products from around the world, and authentic products that professionals recommend using. We are confident you will find something that you like.

About Manager Koichi Takeuchi

Worked 19 years as a hair designer and beautician. After having been involved in contests around Japan, Asia, Europe and throughout the world, he worked actively for many years in Ashiya and Kobe, Japan.
Fascinated by the picturesque ocean of Ishigaki Island and the beautiful nature on the island, he is excited to use his many years of experience to suggest various original styles which express the lifestyle and environment of Ishigaki Island, as well as design original many styles for each person based on their individual characteristics and taste.

We are extremely particular about how we cut hair.

Finding the perfect style for you Everyone’s hair is unique. Everyone has a different shaped head. People have different types of hair qualities. They may have hair that grows a certain direction, as well as a different shaped face. At Asha, we find the perfect hairstyle that looks best for you, by searching for the best balance and shaping your hair so that it matches your unique individual features. When thinking about how to style your hair (gel, wax, etc.), we feel it really begins with the haircut itself because that determines the movement of your hair and the way that it looks three-dimensionally, and not just the way it looks when you look straight into in a mirror. We always look for an original style that you can reproduce yourself at home, a style that will make use of the good qualities of your hair, and a style that will continue to be easy to maintain.

We are extremely particular about how we color hair.

Organic hair products At our salon, we strive to use natural products that you can be assured are safe.
It comes from this philosophy that we are proud to say that 92% of our hair coloring products are naturally derived.
Special attention was paid to using non-silicon organic products, including the products from an Italy based brand that makes them from naturally-derived ingredients. We also have hand-picked all the best plant-based hair dyes from various different makers and products.
Consideration was taken to use only products that can maximum the care for your hair, your body, and the environment.
We are happy to give you hear from you and give you some suggestions about your hair. We look forward to hearing from you.
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