Shipping & Payment Info

About Payment, Shipping and Pick-up of Products

Upon confirmation of payment (using a credit card, or PayPal), customers can pick-up their products at the store or choose from the following means of available shipping below.

-Pick-up order at the store

-International shipping

Customers input the date and time that they would like to pick up their purchase on the final payment screen, but please note that we may not be able to fulfill customer requests due to a variety of factors relating to the product, delivery requirements, causes relating to delay in delivery in the area (weather, plane, train, delays etc.). While the company will make every effort to fulfill the request of the customer, the company is not accountable and bears no responsibility to have the product delivered by a certain date and time.

Pick-up at the store

For customers that would like to pick-up their order at the store, after putting the items in your bag on the website, please proceed to the checkout screen where you can input the shipping details. After inputting your name, please input “Store name here” under Address Line 1. Please type in “city name here”. After that please select “state name here” under “state/province”. After that please select “Pick-up at store in Japan” from the list of options under “Choose delivery method”. There is no shipping fee, therefore it will show 0 円under the price. Click the “Continue” button to go to the next screen.
Please input the date that you wish to pick-up your item in the field.
After confirming your order will send you another email to confirm your pick-up date.
*You can pick-up your order the day after you place your order. If the item is out of stock then we will send you an email and provide you with a refund.
*If you are unable to pick-up your order for any reason due to a change in plans, please contact us right away. Please note that after your order, the store will hold your item for one week and if you fail to pick up your item within a week, your order will be cancelled and we will be unable to provide you with a refund.

International Shipping (from Japan to one’s country)

For those requesting international shipping, after they have put items they would like to order in their cart, proceed to the page where customers input their address. Customers need to select their country from the list of countries, and input the address that they would like to have their items delivered. After that they proceed to the payment page.
The amount for International shipping to your address is automatically calculated and appropriately adjusted.
-The amount for shipping to your hotel will be automatically calculated and the total fee will appropriately be adjusted to include it.
Please input the date and time of your desired delivery on the final payment page. -After confirming your order, work will begin on making your product(s) and we will send you an email about when your product(s) will arrive.
-Delivery will be shipped via EMS, therefore delivery can be scheduled for a time 2-10 days after you have placed an order. You can take this into account when scheduling your pick-up date. The amount of time that it takes may be longer or shorter depending on the country, and the area that you live. Please note that although we will make every effort to meet the requests of the customer, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to deliver the product by the date and time that the customer requests.
※Sale of products will be for deliverable areas by EMS
※Please see the following websites for more information about EMS delivery fees and area classification.
Delivery fees:
Area Classification:
※ After ordering your product, using a tracking number you can track your package with the link below.
You should be able to get your item(s) shipping anywhere from 2-10 days after you order an item, but for more information about your order, you can check the item below.