Return Policy

Article 1: Refund and return policy

Please note that we do not provide refunds, exchanges, or returns for customers that are unsatisfied with the product. However, when confirming the customer’s order, if it is evident that we are unable to meet the customer’s desired delivery date, or the customer’s desired date of pick-up, then we will confirm with the customer if there would be another date that would be possible. If both parties are unable to come to an agreement on the schedule for pick-up, then a cancellation may be accepted. Please note that the company will not provide a refund, and is not accountable or responsible for any cancellations, notwithstanding the company sending the customer a confirmation of their order, if there is no reply or contact from a customer and the customer is unable to pick-up their product.

Article 2: Application for refunds or returns

Refunds and returns will only be accepted for products that were sent to the customer that were defective or were different from the product that they had ordered (this is limited to customers that contact us within 7 days of receiving the goods). For customers that have settled credit card payment for goods ordered, they shall be eligible to receive a refund if they attach a picture of the product to an email and will be given a refund within 5 business days upon confirmation that customers have returned (sent back) the goods. Please note that we are unable to determine the precise date that the funds will arrive in the customer’s account when sending a refund to a customer. Customers will be notified at the time that their refund is processed.

Article 3: Cases that are ineligible for return or refund

Notwithstanding Article 2, refunds, returns, or exchanges will not be accepted if any of the following are true:

-The package has been opened or has been used in anyway. -More than 8 days has passed since the product was delivered. -The product is damaged or the condition has been affected in anyway by the customer. -The product is missing any part, package, bag, or case that it had originally came with. -Any order that was custom made or specifically made for the customer, such as ones that have the customer’s name or another name on it. -Any other reason that is stated on the product page or site that specifies why a product cannot be returned (for those that have any questions or concerns, they may contact us from the inquiry page on the website).

Article 4: Costs for shipping when returning an item

Our company will bear the cost of shipping for any items that have clear defects, or if a customer receives an item different from what they had ordered. For cases when the customers are unsatisfied with the product, or if a customer would like to return or exchange the product at their own convenience, then the customer is accountable for paying the costs for shipping.